Italian F4 champions

Gabriele Minì won the 2020 championship by a large margin, but how does it compare to other years? With 7 seasons of the oldest FIA F4 championship behind us, let’s compare the champions by their point margin relative to the runner-up, sorted from largest to smallest.

2019Dennis HaugerGianluca Petecof58.4%
2015Ralf AronGuanyu Zhou48.4%
2014Lance StrollMattia Drudi39.7%
2020Gabriele MinìFrancesco Pizzi36.5%
2017Marcus ArmstrongJob van Uitert14.6%
2018Enzo FittipaldiLeonardo Lorandi7.4%
2016Marcos SiebertMick Schumacher6.9%

Quite a few familiar names in this table. Instead of a complete “where are they know”, here is a sample.

  • F1: Mick Schumacher, Lance Stroll
  • F2: Marcus Armstrong, Guanyu Zhou
  • F3: Enzo Fittipaldi, Dennis Hauger

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