Moving up, 2020-21

Tracking the movement of drivers between the following categories: F1, F2, F3, FR (“regional”), and F4 (but not those coming into F4, of which there are too many).

F2 to F1

  1. Nikita Mazepin
  2. Mick Schumacher
  3. Yuki Tsunoda

F3 to F2

  1. Liam Lawson
  2. Oscar Piastri
  3. Lirim Zendeli

F4 to F3

  1. Jak Crawford
  2. Jonny Edgar

Skipping FR is a risky move, but it worked out spectacularly for some (Pourchaire in 2020).

FR to F3

  1. Ayumu Iwasa
  2. Arthur Leclerc

Iwasa appears here and below because he moves from F4 to F3 while contesting FR Asia in between.

F4 to FR

  1. Eduardo Barrichello
  2. Dino Beganovic
  3. Ayumu Iwasa
  4. Hunter Yeany

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