Best weekends in Formula 2 and 3

In the 2017-20 format of Formula 2 weekend, a driver could score at most:

  • 4 for pole position
  • 25 for feature race win
  • 2 for fastest lap in feature race
  • 15 for sprint race win
  • 2 for fastest lap in sprint race

for the maximum possible total of 48. Nobody reached the maximum, and nobody will, since the weekend format will be different in 2021. The best total was 45 earned by Leclerc in Baku 2017: he scored all of the above except the sprint race result was P2, with 12 points instead of 15.

Tsunoda scored the second-best total of 43 in the very last weekend in this format, Sakhir 2020.

Three of these came in a season finale, perhaps with some extra career-related motivation

Formula 3 used a slightly different format in 2020 and 2019, with 10 positions reversed for sprint race in 2020. Placing the feature race winner at P10 instead of P8 naturally reduced the totals.

In 2019, the top F3 results were:

  • 39 points for Armstrong in Sochi (again, a season finale)
  • 37 for Shwartzman in Barcelona
  • 37 for Lundgaard in Budapest

In 2020, the top F3 result was 32, achieved three times: by Zendeli at Spa, and, surprisingly, both Piastri and Pourchaire did it over the same weekend in Budapest.

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