Re-Sorting Red Bull Junior Team

The late addition of Jehan Daruvala to the team reshuffled the standings, so here is an update. Because Daruvala’s statistics are current as of today, for the sake of consistency I updated Lawson and Tsunoda who took part in Toyota Racing Series 2020. Generally, Lawson’s statistics got slightly better and Tsunoda’s slightly worse.

The 2020 Red Bull Junior Ream roster consists of Jak Crawford, Jehan Daruvala, Jack Doohan, Jonny Edgar, Dennis Hauger, Liam Lawson, Yuki Tsunoda, and Jüri Vips. Leaving aside Crawford, who is just coming from karting, I will sort the rest using several hugely flawed metrics: same as were used for FDA earlier.

Simplified Super Licence Points

  1. Jehan Daruvala 21
  2. Jüri Vips 20
  3. Yuki Tsunoda 2

Counting F2 and FIA F3 points from the past two seasons only.

Number of races won

  1. Liam Lawson 41
  2. Dennis Hauger 22
  3. Yuki Tsunoda 13
  4. Jüri Vips 12
  5. Jehan Daruvala 10
  6. Jack Doohan 10

Winning percentage

  1. Dennis Hauger 30.1%
  2. Liam Lawson 25.5%
  3. Yuki Tsunoda 16.9%
  4. Jack Doohan 10.8%
  5. Jüri Vips 8.5%
  6. Jehan Daruvala 5.8%

Number of podiums

  1. Liam Lawson 84
  2. Jehan Daruvala 40
  3. Jüri Vips 40
  4. Jack Doohan 37
  5. Dennis Hauger 36
  6. Yuki Tsunoda 31
  7. Jonny Edgar 5

Podium percentage

  1. Liam Lawson 52.2%
  2. Dennis Hauger 49.3%
  3. Yuki Tsunoda 40.3%
  4. Jack Doohan 39.8%
  5. Jüri Vips 28.4%
  6. Jehan Daruvala 23.3%
  7. Jonny Edgar 17.2%


Lawson, Hauger, and Tsunoda end up in the top half of the roster more often than others. Obviously, they did not participate in the same series: some statistics of Daruvala and Vips are lower because of the stronger competition they faced recently.

2 thoughts on “Re-Sorting Red Bull Junior Team”

  1. Hi there I’ve noticed you haven’t included Liam Lawson’s super licence points in your list . Thanks Kristy Lawson

    Sent from my iPhone



    1. The amounts listed do not include all of Super Licence points but only FIA F2 and FIA F3 from the last two seasons (what I called “simplified Super Licence points”). I made a note about this in the post. In FIA F3 Liam Lawson was 11th last season, earning no SL points from that. I know he has some from other tournaments, but I do not track SL points from those.


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