Sorting the Ferrari Driver Academy

The 2020 roster of Ferrari Driver Academy looks impressive, with 5 of 9 drivers having already reached Formula 2. But with very little room available at the highest step of the ladder, chances are that only a small fraction of them will reach it. Instead of making predictions on this matter, I will simply rank them using a few hugely flawed metrics and pick top 5 each time.

Simplified Super Licence Points

Following the method of a previous post, I count only the Super Licence points earned in F2 and FIA F3 in the past two seasons.

  1. Robert Shwartzman 50
  2. Marcus Armstrong 33
  3. Mick Schumacher 30
  4. Callum Ilott 15
  5. Giuliano Alesi 3

The rest have not yet reached the aforementioned series.

Number of races won

Not counting karting, of course. As the previous indicator, this one favors more experienced drivers; but the amount of experience is also a relevant thing to consider here.

  1. Mick Schumacher 29
  2. Marcus Armstrong 26
  3. Robert Shwartzman 16
  4. Callum Ilott 11
  5. Enzo Fittipaldi 10

Winning percentage

I expected this to favor the less experienced drivers, who spent more of their time in lower level series. But the list looks quite similar to the previous one.

  1. Mick Schumacher 16.4%
  2. Marcus Armstrong 15.8%
  3. Robert Shwartzman 9.7%
  4. Enzo Fittipaldi 9.1%
  5. (tie) Arthur Leclerc and Gianluca Petecof 7.5%

Number of podiums

These are the same 5 drivers as in the list based on the number of wins, but they are not in the same order.

  1. Marcus Armstrong 76
  2. Robert Shwartzman 63
  3. Mick Schumacher 51
  4. Enzo Fittipaldi 36
  5. Callum Ilott 32

Podium percentage

  1. Marcus Armstrong 46.1%
  2. Arthur Leclerc 40%
  3. Robert Shwartzman 38.2%
  4. Enzo Fittipaldi 32.7%
  5. Mick Schumacher 28.8%


Dino Beganovic, who is yet to make his single-seater debut, could not possibly appear in any of the above lists. Giuliano Alesi only appears as #5 on the Super Licence list. Overall, the top 3 are clearly Armstrong, Schumacher, and Shwartzman but at this point I cannot put them in any order other than alphabetical. If this is not a satisfactory conclusion, you can look at the Future Racing Stars ranking from Driver Database, which was also my source for most of the above statistics.

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